Know More About the Latest variant of Oppo F11 Pro


Equipped with amazing features and reasonable pricing, the OPPO F11 Pro is an ideal option which is easily accessible at a starting price ofRs 24,990. The phone provides a hassle free grip even when you are busy working as it is very light in weight. It comes with sliding cover which makes the user’s work simple as it can be opened up with one hand. This innovative device has a neat back key combination which is designed to make the operation of the device easy and enjoyable.

The Android smartphone from Oppo comes with a unique single lens camera which allows you to capture clear pictures without any distortion and poor quality images. It has a high-speed dual laser sensor to ensure that your pictures are shot instantly. The OPPO F11 Pro comes with advanced image processing engine which enables the user to enjoy the best quality photographs and videos.

The Oppo F11 Pro features a unique all-metal body with a soft touch soft rubberized skin. The sleek design of the device gives it a slim and refined look and with its vivid color the device looks trendy and classy. The internal memory of the device is spacious which allows the user to shoot a lot of pictures. The huge space of RAM also enables the user to use the device for watching videos and playing high definition games.

The OPPO F11 Pro also includes an iris display which acts as the camera lens. This means that you get an incredible level of clarity when you take a snapshot. The smartphone has an extremely large shooting gallery which allows you to upload a lot of photographs and videos. In this respect the Oppo F11 Pro is different from other smartphones in the present day with regard to the video recording capability. The device has a special feature called the pop-up flash which enables the user to enjoy an HD video capture when using the selfies.

An interesting feature of the oppo f11 pro is that it can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor operations. It has been available in the markets since last few months but the launch of its latest variant namely the IOS 6GB SIM Free unlocked mobile has made it all the more popular in the market. The device boasts of six gigabytes of RAM and it comes along with two gigabytes of memory card which further increases its memory capacity to a great extent.

When compared with other smartphones in the present day the Oppo F11 Pro is the biggest selling handset in the country right now. However, there are a number of features which make this variant so popular among the users. For instance, it comes along with a high resolution camera which makes it all the more excellent when it comes to shooting images. The camera also sports an optical zoom lens which helps to offer fine details. It also offers a nice color screen which looks awesome when it comes to viewing images on the smartphone.

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